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Being a living legend among rappers and regulars, it’s no wonder that Chronic is mentioned as one of the most classical strains of weed ever known to exist. This is typically long and elongated in appearance, with somewhat puffed buds on the taller plants, and has light green, dark green, and specks of gold woven throughout. It is a 50/50 split between Sativa and Indica. Chronic originated by a cross between Northern Light X, Skunk X, and AK47 marijuana strains. It is particularly useful medically for aiding in pain relief, relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, and other similar types of conditions. The only downsides reported to this strain are the commonly present combination of cotton eye and dry mouth. Chronic is as versatile as it is beautiful, and no matter in which form you choose to partake of this hybrid strain, it retains its potency and smoothness.

Live resin is a special kind of resin that is fairly new to the market. It is a solvent-free process that gives all the benefits of full spectrum cannabis extracts. It is made from fresh flowers that are frozen with C02 then pressed at high pressure and heat to produce a terpene rich resin that is very high in THC.

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